RF Skin Resurfacing in Warner Robins, GA

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What is RF Skin Resurfacing?

Radiofrequency (RF) skin resurfacing is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure performed at Ageless Aesthetics to help women and men address skin irregularities, like acne scarring, pigmentation issues, lines, and wrinkles. Utilizing the state-of-the-art Fractora device, board-certified aesthetic physician Dr. Anayo Umerah performs this procedure to help her patients achieve a beautiful and youthful appearance. Typically performed to address issues on the face, neck, and jowls, RF skin resurfacing with Fractora reaches deep into the dermis for incredible and long-lasting results. For more information on how RF skin resurfacing can help you achieve your skin goals, contact Dr. Umerah in Warner Robins or Macon, GA today.

What Can I Expect from RF Skin Resurfacing?

During your RF skin resurfacing treatment, we'll have you relax in one of our comfortable treatment chairs while the Fractora device is passed over your treatment areas. You will likely feel a heated sensation from the device, followed by cold air from the system's built-in cooling technology. The radiofrequency energy works to get rid of damaged and dead skin cells while prompting the body's natural production of collagen. Your procedure will likely last about an hour, depending on your specific areas of treatment. Once complete, you may notice some redness, but this will go away in the next few days. You may start to see results in as little as one session, but Dr. Umerah often recommends 2 – 3 sessions about 3 – 4 months apart for optimal results. You will likely start to see improved firmness in your skin, fewer lines and wrinkles, a reduced appearance in blood vessels, and much more.

Radiant Skin with RF Skin Resurfacing

If you're experiencing signs of aging, like lines and wrinkles, age spots, spider veins, loose skin, and more, RF skin resurfacing at Ageless Aesthetics can help rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful appearance. Using cutting-edge technology, board-certified aesthetic physician Dr. Anayo Umerah offers this minimally invasive procedure at both her Warner Robins and Macon, GA locations as a way to create smooth, tightened, beautiful skin. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call either of our facilities today.

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